Thursday, March 06, 2014

Rest in peace my beloved 'gor gor'; 01011974 - 01032014

Friday, January 17, 2014

Been 2-year invisible...

Surfing through my own blog today, I have been away quite long…2 years without any update. 

Seriously I do not know why I do not have the urge to update though seem quite happening in the past years. Been busy with work, met new friends, have new additional extended families; yes I am married woman for a year now, my beloved cat Cum-Mon has passed away, adjusting new chapter of life at new premise etc

Hopefully I will try to update as frequent as possible, at least post like pictblog. Til then, see ya!

Monday, January 02, 2012

Happy New Year of 2012!!!

More than a year since the last posting!!! Gosh! Shame on me!
Guess I am lazy to post, edit, writing, upload in order to update my blog. But then since got the Facebook, I seldom to update in here. Therefore I've been writing in my diary which I started on December 2010 for the first time but then ended up on October that I had stopped writing. Guess I'm not patience in particular practice in certain things.

Anyhow, to cut short long story, these are the list that what I had done in 2011; in randomly listing:
1-Had the shortest haircut; pixie cut!
2-In a relationship; a blissful year!
3-Bungy jump!
4-Got a tattoo on Christmas' eve 2010.
5-Went to Singapore on Valentine's Day week!
6-Received Coach wristlet!
7-The Whitest Boy Alive!
8-Surprise-crash-in-during midnight before my birthday party at my house!
9-Cum-Mon admitted into vet hospital for his pus infection.
10-Unlimited Starbucks drink at my office with their mobile van!
11-First time to Urbanscapes.
12-David Archuleta's concert.
13-Sungkai Hot Springs at FELDA.
14-Company trip to Bangkok. Won iPadI and lucky draw!
15-Big Bad Wolf Books Fair.
16-Revenge-surprise-crash-in-during midnight before my boyfriend's birthday at his house!
17-First time to shoot with real gun and real ammo!
18-Witnessed Whitesnake Live in Malaysia!
19-First to have my own photobook!
20-Watched STOMP performance!
21-Get to know more new friends and neglected the old (shame on me, again!)
22-Attended Starbucks' New Card Launch
23-Got the Starbucks 2012 Planner!
24-Eating alot that I had yet gained weights!

Enclosed with some of the pictures taken:

I hope 2012 will bring more exciting and adventurous daily life! I wish most of everyone of my family and friends a good health and stay cheerful always!

Til then... :)

Saturday, January 15, 2011


Saturday, January 08, 2011

Sunday, January 02, 2011

Happy New Year and Welcome 2011!

Happy New Year everyone! I know I have been away for more than 2 months for not updating my blog. I begin to abandon here that I am more actively update my facebook. Mostly I will upload/post those photos that I taken on certain days happened in my life. I guess blogging here wasn't easy as I think before. I have to take some time to think what words to put into and caption on every each photos. I guess I prefer photolog rather than posting a blog with pictures.

Anyway, I had posted 'Things I have done in 2010" in FB, so here I just cut and paste in here:
Things I have done in 2010:
1-Macau trip with mum, totally free & easy! It was mum's worst nightmare! >_< 2-Working on Relay for Life at MSN Stadium (Cancer Awareness) for magazine purposes. 3-Hong Kong trip with my beloved cousins and their mum (aunty), that was the blast one!
4-Bangkok trip with my colleagues; Jac & Zainab (3 of us, gals). Shopping like mad ladies!
5-1st time ever and out of sudden to be the witness for my good friend, Ian's marriage registration.
6-1st time movie marathon EUROPEAN UNION FILM FESTIVAL 2010 movies & Megamind with Irene; my dear friend.
7-3rd time for blood ...donation in my Red-book.
8-2nd time to be the witness for my buddy, Jeffery's marriage registration

Basically these are the history but I'd really much enjoyed.

Yesterday, I went to Vikram's new house at Twin Palms for his house-warming. It's quite a long time since I saw him and his family during his son's 1st birthday. Now his son, Logan is growing fast, getting to 4-year-old, soon.

Well, hope the 2011 is getting better and stay cheerful, healthy and lovingly always. I wish to everyone too! Happy New Year!!!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010